Meeting Etiquette

The San Diego Wine Guild wants our meetings to be fun and educational. We do ask members and guests to follow some basic etiquette principles.


RSVP's in advance are required along with payment in full.  No refunds.


Each person should bring four wine glasses.


Silence or turn off your cell phones.


Please show respect by staying at your table while the presenter is talking.  Wait until the wine is being poured, before you get up to get more food, empty your plates, or use the restroom.


Converse quietly, if at all, while the presenter is speaking.  Many quiet voices collectively can be distracting.  Voices can carry across the room.


After all the flights are served and the presenter is finished, you may come up to the front table and pour yourself from unfinished bottles.  We ask that you do not take bottles to your table. 


Do not light matches before or during a presentation (Sulfur smell)