Annual Camping Trip

2023 Annual SD Wine Guild Campout @ William Heise County Park 


Save the Date Cabin Campers for June 2 & 3, 2023


SDWG has reserved five cabins that each sleep 6 people. If you want an RV site or prefer a tent campsite; make your own reservation at County of San Diego Department of Parks and Recreation ( 

2022 Wine Guild Camp Out


We switched the camping trip the Spring & to a new location this year. The new location has several options for camping and/or staying in a cabins at William Heise County Park. The weather was perfect, and the hiking was endless!

We had low attendance this year do to may conflicts with other events, but were very pleased with the new location and can't wait to explore it more at next year's event.

2021 Wine Guild Camp Out


A good time was had by one and all at the 2021 Annual 2-nite Campout at Paso Picacho State Park.


Wine line up was stellar with a delicious potluck dinner both nights around a roaring campfire.


Saturday had a day trip to Vulcan Winery with live music overlooking the vineyard were we meet more SDWG members day tripping with the campers.  Could not have asked for a better time.

2020 Wine Guild Camp Out


We all know what happened in the Fall of 2020. Our camping trip fell victim to the circumstances.

2019 Wine Guild Camp Out


Ted’s merry band of campers had a great time up in Cuyamaca Rancho State Park over the weekend of October 11th. We had four great new campsites at the Paso Picacho Campground thanks to Ted and Robert. The four sites are all together and much flatter than our previous site.


Perfect weather during the day (a little cold at night) and, lots of great food and wine as always.